Al-Zubaidi: Yemen peace talks must accept country is divided in two

In a Guardian interview, Maj Gen Aidarus al-Zoubaidi, the president of the STC and vice-president of the UN-recognised government of Yemen, said the planned talks on the country’s future had to be rec... »

Grundberg to CGTN: 'Yemen will be in need of support from int'l community'

we can say is that [the situation] in Yemen, from a more humanitarian and also economic point of view, remains dire, remains difficult... »

Shatara: National Assembly 6th Session Will Come up With Crucial Decisions

Vice President of the National Assembly, Head of the Research and Decision Support Center of the Southern Transitional Council, Lutfi Shatara stressed the importance of holding the sixth session of th... »

Oppenheim: Britain Prepared to Support Peace in Yemen at Security Council

British Ambassador to Yemen Richard Oppenheim stressed that his country was prepared to play its role at the United Nations Security Council to support peace in Yemen.... »

Landmines planting will continue during Ramadan warns Masam

Project Masam’s Managing Director has warned that landmine planting will continue during the holy month of Ramadan in Yemen. ... »

UAE stood with the Yemenis to draw a line in the sand: Dr Michael Knights

Military historian Dr Michael Knights latest book ‘The unknown story of the Arabian elite forces at war: 25 days to Aden’ tells the true story of how in just one week in 2015, the Gulf States pulled t... »

Algosaibi: No stability without mine action in Yemen

Project Masam Managing Director Ousama Algosaibi has told Abu-Dhabi-based independent newspaper Al-Fajr that the Yemeni lands have witnessed new developments and obstacles in how the Houthi militia pl... »

Safa Sounds Alarm Over Houthi Recruitment of Children

French ambassador to Yemen Jean-Marie Safa said that his embassy was in contact with the Houthis, but accused the group of communicating with the world through people who do not have a decision-making... »

UK ambassador: Houthis' destructive behavior is the problem

The UK ambassador to Yemen, Richard Oppenheim, acknowledged that he has direct communication channels with the Houthis and confirmed that he had dined with the group’s spokesman, Mohammed Abdulsalam, ... »

Kurilla: US Committed to combat Iranian-Houthi threats

US Central Command Commander General Erik Kurilla stressed his country’s commitment to consolidating cooperation and coordination between the US Central Command and all its partners in the region, to ... »

EU-GCC energy, security cooperation more crucial now than ever

The cooperation between the European Union (E.U.) and the Arabian Gulf countries in energy and security domains is very crucial as supplies from the Gulf have changed the Europe’s energy landscape, th... »

US envoy: There is ‘a very strong consensus’ in favor of Yemen truce

There is a very strong internal and international consensus in favor of continuity of the truce in Yemen, with all of the regional countries supporting a peaceful resolution, not a return to war, Timo... »

Kurilla to KT: UAE, US work together to combat new threats, incl. drone attacks

The UAE and the US are working together to combat new threats emanating from the region, including the use of drones by some proxies, said the top US military commander for the Middle East, Central As... »

Al-Jubeir to Arab News: 'Every visit by an American president to Saudi Arabia is a success'

Hours after US President Joe Biden arrived in Jeddah for talks with the Saudi leadership, Adel Al-Jubeir, the Kingdom’s minister of state for foreign affairs, deemed the visit a great success.... »

Griffiths to Asharq Al-Awsat: Climate, conflict, cost-of-living are all connected

Asharq Al-Awsat has asked Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths about the three biggest threats the world’s poorest collectively face. His ... »