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Thu - 03 Aug 2023 - 01:05 AM ،،،

Gulf Today

 In a tragic incident, Yemeni human rights activists revealed that an 11-year-old Yemeni girl was subjected to torture and brutal treatment at the hands of her father and relatives, before they sold her for 200,000 Yemeni riyals, or about $140, as a slave girl in an unusual precedent.

They explained that the 11-year-old girl, Ola Abda Thabet Ghanem, from the Muzher district of Rima governorate, in the west of the country, was tortured by her father and her stepmother, and was sold as a slave to an elderly person in the region for 200,000 riyals.

According to activists, the child Ola said that her aunt killed her sister, while her brother fled the house. The aunt and her husband also tortured her before selling her as a slave.

They added, "The old man took turns with his children to torture her, and when the issue began to be revealed, they were afraid and made a marriage contract worth one million riyals, which the uncle and father shared, forging the age of the girl to 19 years."

They reported that the father, the aunt and her husband finally decided to get rid of her so they informed the elderly man and his children of the plan to kill her.
The wife of the old man who bought her had mercy on Ola and helped her to flee, stressing that the child Ola is now in the house of the village's head, and the security authorities were informed of the crime, but they ignored the complaints.

Activists published a medical report on the condition of the child Ola, which showed that there is no place in her body that is not subjected to torture and burns.

Activists launched a campaign on social media to demand punishment for the criminals.