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Thu - 03 Aug 2023 - 12:51 AM ،،،

 The engineering teams of the Southern Armed Forces managed Wednesday to dismantle several improvised explosive devices, believed to be planted by terrorist members of al-Qaeda in Abyan's al-Mahfed district.

The homemade destructive devices were well camouflaged and planted in the mountainous area of Wadi al-Khaiyala in al-Mahfed. The bombs included anti-tank mines with large-caliber projectile.

The explosive devices were dismantled and an extensive investigation was opened to shed light on the incident in conjunction with the launch of a combing and search operation within their plan to hunt down terrorists and secure Abyan's coastal road..

Last year, the Southern Armed Forces conducted a large-scale military operation code-named Arrows Of the Orient to liberate all the areas of Abyan governorate from terrorists, armed groups and outlaws.