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 Love and Loyalty for Aden Foundation (LLA) marked the World Environment Day by an active presence and participation in the Beach Cleaning Campaign that kicked off in Aden's Al Buraiqah district on Monday, under the slogan Defeat Plastic Pollution, under the auspices of Minister of Water and Environment, Tawfiq Al-Sharjabi and Minister of State, Governor of Aden, Ahmed Lamlas.

The campaign was initiated by a number of non-governmental organizations and teams of young volunteers to make Aden's beaches a clean and beautiful place, and reduce plastic pollution.

The campaign focused on Kood al-Nammer resort of Al Buraiqah which provides recreational activities for young and old people.

The participants managed to collect a significant amounts of bags of waste, dumped by users at the beach, mostly filled with plastic items.

LLA's President, Mrs. Sahar Noman expressed her regret at the massive presence of waste and garbage on the beach, describing the view as 'disgusting'. She urged the people in Aden, in particular the sea goers to change their behaviour in environmental matters and adopt good habits to protect the environment.

It is worth mentioning that the program also included a distribution of informative brochures on plastic pollution and its negative impacts on environment, marine wildlife and ecosystems.