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Tue - 23 May 2023 - 11:38 PM ،،،

 At least eight soldiers of Shabwa Defense Forces (SDF) were injured in a terrorist explosion caused by an improvised device targeting their military vehicle in Baihan district on Tuesday.

A booby-trapped motorcycle exploded at Al-Rawdah junction in Baihan during the passage of the vehicle of the SDF's Sixth Brigade, military sources told the local press.

Eight soldiers were seriously injured and taken to the nearest hospital for medical treatment, the same sources added.

Last Saturday, a southern soldier was injured in a drone strike conducted by the Iran-backed Houthi terrorist militia on the SDF's locations in Shabwa's Al-Saeed district.

The Houthi militants continue their drone strikes in conjunction with terrorist operations carried out by al-Qaeda to target the southern army in the governorate.