Sat - 17 Jul 2021 - 03:18 AM ،،،

 The Cultural Department of the Southern Transitional Council sent a field team to visit and inspect the building and land of the Protestant Church in Salah al-Din area of al-Buraiqa district (Little Aden), west of the capital Aden.

The STC team was engaged on Wednesday, to assess the situation of the church and its surrounding lands after having been subjected to serious acts of sabotage, trespassing incidents, illegal construction and damage.

The STC team led by the head of the cultural department, Amr Aqil, accompanied by the president of Roa Center for Studies and Research (RCSR) and Hawiyati (Identity) Initiative, Dr. Jacqueline Al-Batani and the STC's executive director of al-Buraiqa district, Adel Jafar.

The team also visited the Silent Valley British Military Cemetery in Salah al-Din and the water tanks overlooking the area.

The visits were within the framework of the STC's efforts to register and preserve historical monuments and archaeological sites in Aden and the South in general.

The Church and Clock Tower, 1965.