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Mon - 18 Mar 2019 - 11:40 PM ،،،

 The president of the southern transitional council, Aidroos Qassem al-Zubaidi leaves on Tuesday for Moscow, in reply to an official invitation from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Among the topics to be discussed during the visit are the following: Vision of the Southern Transitional Council to resolve the Yemeni crisis, the southern issue, ongoing efforts to achieve a ceasefire and bring a comprehensive and just peace.

The visit also touches on the humanitarian aspect and the role of the Southern Transitional Council to establish security and combat terrorism in partnership with the Arab Coalition.

Al-Zubaidi is accompanied by the President of the National Assembly, Major General Ahmed Saeed Ben Brik and members of the STC Presidency, Dr. Nasser Al-Khubji, Eng. Adnan Al-Kaf, and Lawyer Niran Souki and member of the National Assembly, Dr. Abdul Salam Saleh Hamid.