Sun - 06 Jan 2019 - 03:34 PM

written by : Lutfi Shatara Writer Archive -

I remember a famous saying by President Hadi before the war that he personally approved every U.S. drone strike on Yemeni soil as part of the global war on terror, included Yemen which considered by the world as a safe haven for terrorists.

Without the Arab Coalition intervention, the South along with Bab-el-Mandeb Strait would have been controlled by the terrorism of the Houthis, Iran's Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah militias and they would have closed the international shipping lines in the Strait of Hormuz on the one hand and Bab al-Mandeb and the Gulf of Aden on the other.

The war on terror is an international decision and cooperation, not prevented by Saleh and President Hadi did not stand against it. Basically, such war does not require prior authorization. The US Navy pounded the terrorist strongholds and lairs in the Saleh era and the United States intervened and carried out a large series of both airstrikes and drone strikes with the approval of all higher authorities in Yemen.

Without the Arab Coalition, many of the al-Qaeda leaders would not have been taken down and Khalid Abdul Nabi would not have been handed himself over to them after realizing that a real war was launched ahainst him and his supporters in al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda is a destructive lesion that has been for many years supported by parties that used religion as ideological cover and used their positions in power within Saleh's regime to arm terrorism and they are still doing the same within Hadi's political regime, launching campaign against the Arab Coalition, in particular the UAE under the guise of legitimacy.

This war on terror won't stop, especially in the south, until its goals are achieved. Protecting the security and stability of international shipping lines can not be left to a group that harms our political project and wants to undermine peace and stability in the region for its own political ends.

Those who believe that the UAE has a negative role in the South, whether an ignorant of the importance of cleansing the South of terrorism by well armed and trained southern forces with a view to warding off the specter of international classification of this land as terrorist safe haven, or someone incites more bloodbaths to implement political agendas of Islam-masked parties in order to spread chaos and keep their existence tightening their grip on the South through all political and terrorist weapons.

What is important in the agenda of those forces is that the southerners do not regain their state, after their military failure they resort today to supporting terrorism and terrorizing those who fight it.. The South will no longer be a base for al Qaeda and/or a safe haven for political and military terrorism.