Saudi relief plane reaches al-Ghaida Airport

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) dispatched on Wednesday a flight with relief aid to al-Ghaida airport ... »

Intern'l relief organisations commend UAE humanitarian role in Yemen

A number of international relief organisations have praised the humanitarian, development and service initiatives of the UAE in Yemen... »

Houthis Send Children Into Battle

In recent months, journalists in Yemen have reported seeing boys between 14 and 16 with rifles and handguns fighting for Houthi forces and other armed groups.... »

First baby born in KSRelief mobile clinic in Yemen’s Hodeidah

The first displaced baby has been born in a KSRelief mobile emergency clinic in a refugee camp in Yemen's Hodeidah on Tuesday, 11 September 2018. ... »

A little girl in Yemen

Arab photographers capture 'Moments' for competition

National Geographic Abu Dhabi recently held an open call for Moments, its annual photography competition, and it received more than 40,000 entries from across the Arab world.... »

10 Days Before the Wedding (2018) Movie Poster

A man walks past a billboard displaying an advertisement for the local movie ''10 Days Before the Wedding'' in Aden September 1, 2018.... »

Saudi Arabia leads international efforts to save children in Yemen

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has provided treatment for more than 250,000 children suffering from malnutrition in Yemen, amid reports of ongoing Houthi violations in t... »

Change in Yemen driven by ordinary people determined to build a better future

While military operations are measured by the liberation of towns under Houthi control, the pace of change in Yemen is being driven by ordinary people.... »

Houthi forces recruiting child soldiers for front-line combat

New evidence has emerged of how the Huthi armed group is actively recruiting boys as young as 15 to fight as child soldiers on the front lines of the conflict in Yemen, said Amnesty International tod... »

Saudi Project for Landmine Clearance

One million mines have been planted by Houthi militia's coup perpetrators in Yemen in three years, killing 1194 civilians, 216 of whom are children, according to a senior official at the Saudi Project... »

Arab Coalition releases more evidence of Houthi mortar attack on Hodeidah residents

Satellite images confirm that the damage to the hospital and market was the result of mortar strikes carried out by the Houthi rebels. The evidence shows images of the two facilities pre-and-post mort... »

A protest against Yemeni refugees in South Korea

Anti-immigration activists attend a protest in the South Korean capital of Seoul on June 30, 2018. They were protesting against a group of hundreds of Yemeni asylum-seekers who arrived on the South Ko... »

A man walks past a damaged building from the 2015 war in Aden

A man walks past a damaged building from the 2015 war in Aden... »

a Kalashnikov monument

A man walks through Ad Dali, a southern city that has been fought over by Houthi rebels and the Yemeni government since the war began. In the background, a Kalashnikov monument honors the commander wh... »

Anti-Qatar Protest in London

Under the slogan “Qatar is a terrorist state” scores of protesters took to the streets in London on Monday to denounce Qatari regime's support for terrorism, armed militias, and terror groups, includi... »