Shakespeare offers Yemenis respite from war

In the government-controlled city of Aden, battered by the war, the first performance of a Shakespeare play in many years has resurrected hopes of a cultural revival.... »

What is UNMHA's Mandate?

In this video, UNMHA's Head of Mission Michael Beary and Deputy Vivian van de Perre explain the Mission's mandate.... »

Soldiers violently suppress peaceful protest in Seiyun

Yemeni forces of the First Military Region reportedly opened fire on demonstrators to repress a peaceful protest staged on Thursday in Seiyun city of Wadi Hadramout.... »

Aden celebrates Morocco victory over Portugal

Many people took to the streets of the southern capital Aden to join in celebration with fans from all around the Arab world on the historic victory of Morocco over Portugal at the World Cup.... »

Education in Fighting Malaria in Yemen

In an effort to control and prevent spread of malaria in Yemen, the World Health Organization (WHO) last year joined forces with the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief). ... »

Guelleh: Houthis have completely destroyed Yemen

The president of Djibouti has lauded Saudi Arabia’s efforts to protect and ensure the safety of transportation and prevent “interventions” from sabotaging security of transportation along the “very se... »

Aden Hails The Queen (1954)

Britain's young Queen Elizabeth arrived by sea on 27 April 1954 in Aden where she was greeted by the city and its people. ... »

ERC provides healthcare in Hadhramaut

The Emirates Red Crescent's (ERC) mobile clinic provided healthcare services to 543 beneficiaries in July 2022 in the Hadhramaut Governorate, the Emirates News Agency reported.... »

Helping Migrants Restore Dreams Lost to Trafficking in Yemen

Most migrants in Yemen endure unimaginable violence at the hands of traffickers. Khadija who left home for a better life, tells her story.... »

Houthi laid-mines still pose real danger in Shabwa

The pro-Iran Houthi rebels thousands' of landmines when they invaded some of Shabwa areas that caused and still causes a state of fear and panic among the people even after the liberation of all those... »

Yemeni engineer unveils nuclear-powered flying hotel

A conceptual aircraft designed by a Yemini engineer, science communicator and video producer Hashem Al-Ghaili has set the stage for a debate on the future of luxury flights.... »

Chieftain: 80% of Houthi-laid mines cleared in Shakhb

The Chieftain of Shakhb district in Al Dhale said that 80% of Houthi-laid landmines had been cleared in his area by the demining teams of Masam. He affirmed that area was saturated with Houthi-laid la... »

UNICEF: Yemen has become a living hell for children

Eight years into the conflict in Yemen, the situation is only getting worse. Children in Yemen face incredible threats to their survival. ... »

Watch: Aden youth celebrate wedding of cats

A group of youth had gathered purportedly in Aden to celebrate the wedding of two cats.... »

FAO, World Bank support beekeeping in Yemen

Yemen produces some of the best and purest honey in the world. The country’s tradition of beekeeping goes back to the 10th century.... »