WATCH: Houthi sniper killed in Hodeidah

A Houthi sniper was killed by the joint forces in al-Duraihimi district in the south of Hodeidah, al-Amalika Media Centre reported on Saturday.... »

Tribute to Nabil al-Quaety at Reporters' Memorial in Bayeux

Watch the ceremony held on Thursday, October 8, 2020, with Marielle Eudes paying a special tribute to Nabil Hasan al-Quaety, killed in Yemen in June.... »

ERC continues providing medical services in Hadramaut

The UAE is continuing to provide free medical services to the residents of remote villages in Hadramaut Governorate, through mobile clinics operated by the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, and as part of t... »

Large explosion at gas station in Abyan

A large explosion rocked the city of Batis near the al-Wahda Cement Factory in Abyan governorate on Saturday.... »

Video: Houthis subjected to painful blows in Hodeidah

The artillery units of the joint forces targeted on Tuesday, gatherings and military hardware of the pro-Iran militants in al-Duraihimi district, south Hodeidah governorate.... »

Shocking video shows two women hit by truck in Aden

A video showing a hit-and-run incident went viral on the web, in particular among the internet users in Aden.... »

UAE provides 21.4 tonnes of food aid to Mukalla

The United Arab Emirates has provided 500 food parcels containing 21.4 tonnes of food aid to the residents of Mukalla District, Hadramaut Governorate, benefitting 2,500 members of underprivileged fami... »

Houthis subjected to painful blows in Hodeidah

he snipers and artillery units of the joint forces inflicted heavy material and human losses on the pro-Iran militants in Hodeidah governorate.... »

YouTube Fundraising for Yemenis

Dedicated young people in southern England have staged a mammoth YouTube event, entitled Slough's Youth for Yemen, bringing together the town's youthful singers, musicians and poets to raise money to ... »

Young man drowns in Sanaa as people watch

Activists posted on Saturday, a video that depicts the final moments of a man drowning in water under a bridge in Yemen's Houthi-held capital Sana'a following heavy rain. The victim tragically died am... »

Little girl badly injured by explosive remnant in Hodeidah

A displaced child was badly injured on Wednesday night by a blast of an explosive remnant of Houthi militia in al-Tuhita district, south of Hodeidah.... »

Man, two children killed by Houthi-laid mine in Hodeidah

A man and his two children were killed on Monday by Houthi-laid land mine explosion in Qadhaba village of al-Duraihimi district, south of Hodeidah governorate.... »

UAE launches Adahi project in Yemen

The UAE has launched it 5th annual Adahi project (Eid sacrifices) in Yemen, which saw meat being distributed to thousands of underprivileged families around the country.... »

Boys' lemonade stand raises thousands for Yemen crisis

Six year-old Ayaan and Mikaeel, along with their community, have raised more than £37,000 for the Yemen crisis. ... »

UAE continues food aid efforts in Yemen's west coast

The UAE has dispatched an aid convoy containing ten tons of food rations to Ad Durayhimi District, in Yemen's Al Hodeidah Governorate, as part of its ongoing food aid campaign in the country.... »