Bomb-laden Houthi drone downed in Hodeidah

The air defenses of the Joint Forces shot down on Tuesday, an explosive-laden drone launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militia to target military locations in the south of Hodeidah.... »

New video shows Houthi attacks on al-Makha port

A video released today by the joint forces on the West Coast showed the drone and ballistic missile attacks conducted by the pro-Iran Houthi militia last week to target the port of al-Makha, on the R... »

WATCH: Grundberg sends message to Yemenis

My name is Hans Grundberg and today, I take up my duties as the United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen. I’m honored and humbled by this important task.My name is Hans Grundberg and today (5 September)... »

Solar Power Improves Yemeni farmers' Life: FAO

Yemen is predominantly a rural country, with close to 70 percent of its population living in rural areas. Irrigated agriculture is the primary source of food, employment and economic activity. Water s... »

Drone Provides a Closer Look at Al-Mahra’s Mysterious Hole

Hidden in Al-Mahra’s remote eastern desert landscape is a mysterious hole, called the “Well of Hell,” that locals believe to be “million and millions” years old. Officially known as the “Wall of Barho... »

WATCH: Joint forces down Houthi drone south Hodeidah

The joint forces shot down on Sunday, a Houthi unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the south of Hodeidah, al-Amalika media centre (AMC) reported.... »

More than 1,400 Houthi child soldiers died in battles

More than 6,000 children have died or been maimed in the war, the U.N. children's agency reported.... »

WATCH: Four civilians injured in Houthi attacks on Hodeidah

Four civilians were seriously injured by Houthi indiscriminate attacks on residential areas in the south of Hodeidah governorate.... »

ERC intensifies response to humanitarian conditions in Yemen for Ramadan

The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) is intensifying its response to the humanitarian conditions in Yemen for the Holy Month of Ramadan, by continuing to send relief shipments to Hadramaut Governorate.... »

WATCH: Seven Houthi snipers killed in Hodeidah

Seven Houthi snipers and three of their assistants were killed by the joint forces over the past four days on Yemen's West Coast.... »

Al-Maliki: Yemen is a proxy war for Iran not Saudi

The Iranian involvement in yemen is a proxy war, but not for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Brig. Gen Turki Al-Maliki, spokesman of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen said in a televised inter... »

Hodeidah's residential areas subjected to heavy Houthi shelling

The Iran-backed Houthi terrorist militia used several types of medium and heavy weapons to target the residential areas of al-Mandhar neighborhood of al-Hok district, south of Hodeidah city in flagran... »

Coalition destroys Houthi drone fired toward Saudi Arabia

The Arab Coalition destroyed on Wednesday morning, a bomb-laden drone launched by the terrorist Houthi militia to target civilians and civilian targets in the Southern Region of Saudi Arabia, the offi... »

Man killed, other injured by Houthis in south Hodeidah

One man was killed and other was badly injured following an indiscriminate shelling by the pro-Iran Houthi militia against the residential neighborhoods of Hays district in the south of Hodeidah gover... »

WATCH: Falling bullet kills young man in Aden

A bullet falling from the sky killed a young man in a market in the district of al-Buriqa in west Aden.... »