How picking up a string changed Abdulrahman's life forever

From Jan - Oct 2018, 6.3 million sq m of land has been cleared of explosives in Yemen... »

Landmine Victims in Yemem

Land mines and improvised explosive devices are planted every where in Yemen by the Iran-backed Houthi coupist militia.... »

Houthi prisoners say were forcibly taken to fronts

A number of Houthi militants, captured two days ago by the national army in the front of Bani Hasan in Hajjah, revealed how they were recruited to fight alongside the rebel militia.... »

Houthis shell relief center in Hodeidah

The Iran-backed Houthi coupist militia fired heavy shells at a gathering in while receiving relief aid in al-Jabaliya area of al-Tuhita district, Hodeidah. ... »

UAE fetes martyrs' mothers, widows in Yemen's liberated areas

As part of its "Year of Tolerance" initiatives, UAE has honoured 1,000 mothers and widows of martyrs in the liberated areas of Yemen.... »

KSrelief provides hope for amputees in Yemen

KSreliefs artificial limbs centers in Yemen work to provide hope for amputees... »

Al-Amalika brigades secure liberated areas west of Taiz

Al-Amalika brigades and the 20th Brigade led by the Commander-in-Chief of the West Coast Front, Abu Zaraa al-Mahrami, backed by the Arab coalition forces secured on Monday, Wadi al-Maqsab and the surr... »

Mike Pompeo at a press conference on Yemen

White House 'fundamentally disagrees' with ending support to the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen... »

WATCH: UAE distributes 25 fishing boats to families in Aden

Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, distributed 25 fishing boats to the families of martyrs and disabled people in Al Buraiqa District, Aden Governorate.... »

Al-Zubaidi Visits Sheffield City Council

Al-Zubaidi visited on Friday night, Sheffield City Council and met with Lord Mayor Majid Majid and members of the Southern Community.... »

Griffiths full interview with Al-Arabiya’s Diplomatic Avenue

In an interview with Al-Arabiya’s Diplomatic Avenue, he mentioned that “the two parties sat down for two days with general Michael Lollesgaard and they agreed on these redeployments. We are still loo... »

Griffiths: Who did what to who is not my business

In an interview with al-Arabiya, the UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths said "those who expect me to pronounce judgements or to assign blame, they will continue to be disappointed...."... »

In Yemen, landmines are everywhere

The Houthi militias have spared no effort in laying innumerable landmines across Yemeni territory, with the explicit intent to disable, injure, and kill. This has made it so that not only have landmin... »

Sheikh Hani: Southerners are kings, lords and leaders in their land

The second session of the Southern National Assembly was held in al-Mukalla city and it can be held anywhere in the South, Sheikh Hani Ben Brik said it loud and clear "We are in our homeland, and no o... »

Measles vaccination campaign continues in Khokha, Hodeidah

Field medical teams continue implementation the programs of the national vaccination campaign against Measles in schools and internally displaced persons camps of al-Khokha district in Hodeidah Govern... »