A Yemeni Banker Talks to Aden Press about the Present and Future of the Economy

The people continue to be crushed by the legitimate governments’ failure to operate in the liberated governorates. The evidence of this is clear in the deteriorating economic situation, which threats... »

Almasfary to Aden Press: The Warlords within the Government Wear Down the Coalition's Resources

The war is increasing in Yemen amid a stalemate in the political scene and a complex military situation. This creates a very complicated state of affairs with the inability of one party to dominate t... »

American researcher: Yemeni government is corrupt, the South will secede from North and the Transitional is a correct step

The American researcher specializing in the Middle East talked in an interview with "Erm News" about the most hot topics in the Yemeni file and his expectations for the future of the country.... »

Al Zubaidi to Sputnik:The STC is Against the Enimies of the South

The forming of the Southern Transitional Council in Yemen caused controversy both internally and externally. ... Sputnik had the opportunity to meet with the president of the (Southern Transitional Co... »

Al-Zubaidi: our patience with Ben Dagher's government is coming to an end

Deliberate failure.. with this phrase, the President of the Southern Transitional Council, Maj. Gen. Aidroos Al-Zubaidi described the performance of Ben Dagher's government in the southern provinces i... »

Gargash: The coalition will remain in Yemen and Saleh's death is the beginning of the end for the Houthi

The UAE’s foreign-affairs minister says the Houthis are weakening under pressure from the Saudi-led military coalition. ... »

Lamlas to Washington Post: The Government is Living in Isolation

The American newspaper the Washington Post ran a long interview with the Secretary-General of the Southern Transitional Council, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas on a number of political and security issues.... »

Lamlas to Le Figaro: Without the Intervention of KSA and UAE the Government would have been Summoned to Appear Before the International Courts

The French newspaper le Figaro conducted on Tuesday an interview with the STC Secretary General, dealing with a number of topics related to the security, political, and service aspects of the capital... »

Al Zubaidi: The Transitional Council Accomplished Great Achievements and the South is still at war with Terrorism and the Government.

In an exclusive interview with President of The Southern Transitional Council Aidros Qasim Zubaidi on the occasion of the celebrations of the First anniversary of Aden’s historic declaration on the 4t... »

Shatara: The Southern Transitional Council is a Political Power

Member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council - Head of Information Department Lutfi Shatara, announced that the next step of the council in the near future would be establishing a Con... »