STC to Sputnik: Hadi's legitimacy is not in dispute and we are part of the Arab Coalition

What will result from the Riyadh meetings? Is Hadi's government in the wind? And how the southern transitional rule? Who owns the decision in Aden? And how did things develop and the relationship betw... »

STC calls on Saudi Arabia to remove Brotherhood from the South

The spokesman of of the Southern Transitional Council in London, Saleh Alnoud said in his statement to Reuters that STC would keep control unless the Islamist Islah and northerners were removed from p... »

Griffiths warns against regional tensions

UN Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths warned against the fall of the country into regional tensions, stressing that consultations between the government and Houthi militias would resume “as soon as possi... »

Shureim: There is a Conspiracy Against Hadi

Dr Azi Shariem, Minister of Water and Environment of the current Yemeni government revealed shocking information about the situation of the Government and the legal system in general. He accused some ... »

Shatara Talks on the South -South Dialogue

Talks were held between high profile southern figures among which were historical leaders, personalities from home and abroad, including members from the legitimacy. ... »

Muslim Brotherhood encourages several Yemenis to insult UAE: Suwaidi

Abdulrahman bin Subaih Al Suwaidi, who was convicted of being a member of the secret organisation, the Muslim Brotherhood, and was pardoned by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan... »

Mohammed bin Salman: We don’t want war but we won’t hesitate to deal with threats

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, said that Saudi Arabia does not want a war in the region, but stressed that it “will not hesitate in dealing with any t... »

Yemen Ambassador to UK: Replacing Ex-UN Envoy Upon Houthi Calls Was Wrong

Yemeni Ambassador to UK Yassin Said Noman, in an exclusive interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, voiced worry for UN diplomatic processes in war-torn Yemen, Houthi attempts to reshape governance and ongoing... »

We do not have time to look for legitimacy in hotels: Abu Al-Yamamah

Commander of the 1st Brigade Support Battalion of the Security Belt forces, Brigadier General Mahmoud Ahmad al-Mashali (a.k.a. Abu Al-Yamamah) said that the brigades were founded amid a wave of violen... »

Houthi militia helped Al-Qaeda control Mukala city, says Governor

Governor of Hadramout said that Houthi militia helped Al-Qaeda to control the province after its coup against the legitimate government in 2014.... »

Interview with RT TV

Al-Zubaidi warns the government of holding parliamentary sessions in Aden

The president of the Southern Transitional Council, Aidroos Qassem al-Zubaidi said that holding parliamentary sessions is not allowed in Aden, warning the legitimate government of the grievous consequ... »

Shatara to Huna Aden FM:The True Voice of the Southerners will be Heard Externally

Member of the Presidium of the Southern Transitional Council, Lutfi Shatara, responded to important questions asked on the reason of the visit of the president of the Southern Transitional Council, M... »

Al-Zubaidi to the Guardian: No peace in Yemen until South’s wish heard

Peace in Yemen is impossible without acknowledgement of southern Yemen’s calls for independence from the north, President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), Major General Aidroos Al-Zubaidi t... »

Ben Fareed: Excluding the Southerners from the UN Peace Talks will be Dangerous

In an interview with Reuters Ahmed Ben Fareed said, "A U.N.-mediated peace deal that fails to address the Southerners wish for self-determination would be “dangerous” and could trigger a new conflict"... »

Griffiths: The situation on the ground is more complex

The Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, mentioned that there is a political will now more than ever to end the conflict in Yemen. He added, in an interview with Al-Shar... »