Sheikh Hani appreciates role of STC leadership in Hadramout

Vice President of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Sheikh Hani Ben Brik highly valued the exerted efforts of the local STC leadership of Hadramout and its role in the success made ... »

STC provides support for inmates of Aden hospice

The STC Department of Women and Children, represented by the head of the department, Noor Fadl Abdullah paid a visit to the hospice care center in Aden on Tuesday.... »

WATCH: Dozens killed and injured in Houthi shelling of busy market in Hodeidah

Dozens of civilians were killed and injured in a Houthi shelling of a busy popular market, including livestock, west of al-Tahita district in Hodeidah governorate.... »

One soldier killed by Houthi sniper in Hays, Hodeidah

The Iran-backed Houthi coupist militia targeted the positions of Al-Amalika brigades in the district of Hays in al-Hodeidah using heavy and medium weapons.... »

Governor of Taiz Looks into Plans to complete Liberating Taiz

Chief of Staff General Bahri Al-Nakaie, discussed today in Aden, with the governor of Taiz Nabil Shamaan and the commander of Taiz Maj. Gen. Samir al-Sabri the latest developments in Taiz governora... »

Houthi Militias plant Mines in Civilian Neighbourhoods.

Six Houthi militants, who were working with a mine-laying team, were killed near al-Rubaie west of Taiz ‘Southwest Yemen’. According to a military source, the Houthi gunmen were planting mines west o... »

Houthis target Al-Amalika in Tuhita and Hays, Hodeidah

The Iran-backed Houthi coupist militia targeted the positions of Al-Amalika brigades in the districts of al-Tuhita and Hays in al-Hodeidah.... »

Southern National Assembly Concludes with IMPORTANT Statement

The National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) concluded on Sunday evening its second session held in al-Mukalla city, with a number of important resolutions and recommendations.... »

Houthi shelling kills two women in al-Tuhita, Hodeidah

The Houthi artillery units pounded the residential neighborhoods of al-Tuhita district in the governorate of Hodeidah.... »

Al-Amalika brigades foil Houthi attack in al-Duraihimi, Hodeidah

The brigades of al-Amalika repulsed an attack launched on their positions by the Iran-backed Houthi coupist militia in the eastern parts of the al-Duraihimi district, Hodeidah governorate.... »

Sheikh Hani reveals the engineer of the forthcoming satellite channel

Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council, sheikh Hani Ben Brik revealed the name of the real engineer of the STC satellite channel, which will be launched soon. ... »

The World is Following the STC and its Political Mission.

Lutfi Shatara member of the presidency of the Southern Transitional Council said that today Hadhramout is witnessing a grand celebration, where the whole world is following its events.... »

Violent Armed Clashes Erupt on the West Coast

Under the support of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition the brigades of al-Amalika, led by the Commander-in-Chief of the West Coast Front, Abu Zarah al-Mahrami, inflicted heavy human and material losses on ... »

Al-Zubaidi chairs the National Assembly in al-Mukalla

Under the slogan "Restoring The Homeland And Building The Southern Independent Federal Civil State", the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council represented by President of the Southern Transi... »

Ghil Bawazir Hosts Welcoming Ceremony for STC Leadership (Photos)

A special ceremony was held on Friday, in Ghil Bawazir district of Hadramout governorate on the occasion of holding the second session of the Southern National Assembly and in honor of the visit made ... »