In Jeddah: Its Official 'The STC Represents the South'

The formal recognition of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) as representative of the South is the biggest title of Jeddah Agreement, said the member of the STC Presidency, Lutfi Shatara on his o... »

STC delegation resumes Saudi-mediated talks in Riyadh

The delegation of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) headed to the Saudi capital Riyadh in the early hours of Wednesday, to resume the dialogue with the Yemeni government, called for by the Kingd... »

Southern forces destroy two Houthi vehicles in al-Dhale

The artillery units of the southern joint forces pounded on Thuesday, gatherings and military vehicles of the Iran-backed Houthi coupist militia in the north of al-Fakher in Qataba district of al-Dha... »

Southern Flag Raising Campaign Continues (Photos)

Southern flag raising campaign, organized by the Southern Transitional Council, continues in the main cities of the South.... »

General Secretariat Evaluates its Weekly Performance

The General Secretariat of the Southern Transitional Council held in Aden on Tuesday, its weekly meeting under the chairmanship of the assistant secretary general, Fadl Mohammed al-Jaadi.... »

Realistic view of the South can guarantee region's stability

Member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Lutfi Shatara said that the region will not stabilize if the region and the international community do not take a more pragmatic approach... »

Islah forces open fire on protesters in Shabwa

The Islah party-linked troops violently repressed a peaceful protest organised by the inhabitants of Nisab city of Shabwa governorate on Monday. ... »

Houthi-laid mines removed from newly liberated areas of al-Dhale

Engineering teams of the southern joint forces dismantled large quantities of landmines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) planted by the Houthi militias in Qataba and Hajr in the north of al-Dha... »

Southern forces inflict heavy casualties on Houthis in al-Dhale

Dozens of Houthi rebels were killed, injured and captured, including high-ranking field commanders, on Sunday, following an infiltration attempt into the locations under the control of the southern fo... »

The Security Forces in Aden foiled an attempt at smuggling 10,000 passports to Taiz

The passports were removed from the immigration and passport premises and were on their way to Taiz governorate.... »

Maj.Gen.Ben Berek :The Interior Ministry Emplyees will soon be paid their wages

A senior leader in the Southern Transitional Council announced that the Ministry of Interior salaries in Aden are ready to be distributed.... »

STC is Practicing What a Responsible Leadership Does to Achieve the Peoples' Will

Member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council Lutfi Shatara reiterated that the STC’s team in Jeddah, headed by its leader Major General Aidros Al Zubaidi, is doing what a responsibl... »

Southern forces foil Houthi infiltration bid in al-Fakher

The southern joint forces foiled on Saturday infiltration attempt carried out by the pro-Iran militants into al-Fakher region in the north west of Qataba of al-Dhale province.... »

Floods unearth landmines in Lahj

Torrential rains and floods unearthed on Friday, very high numbers of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and landmines hidden by saboteurs in Wadi Kabir of Lahj governorate.... »

Man badly beaten in Hadramout for having Al-Zubaidi's photo

A man was badly beaten with rifle butts and his car's windshield was also broken by gunmen of the first military region in Seyon district, Hadramout on Friday.... »