Chaired by al-Zubaidi

STC's meeting discusses constraints encountered Riyadh Agreement

The Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) held in Aden on Sunday, its regular meeting under the (online) chairmanship of President Aidroos al-Zubaidi.... »

Houthis killed by their own explosives in al-Dhale

A number of Houthi militants were killed on Sunday by an improvised explosive device (IED) in al-Batar sector in the north of al-Dhale governoate.... »

STC rejects Hadi's 'unilateral' decisions

The Southern Transition Council (STC) has rejected the decisions made by the President of Yemen, Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi last Friday, appointing high-ranking government officials. ... »

New Republican Decrees Issued

The president of the Republic of Yemen, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi issued on Friday, a number of decrees appointing Muti' Ahmad Dammaj as Secretary General to the Premiership, Ali Ahmad al-Awash an ambas... »

Yaseen: Labeling Houthis as terrorists imperative for peace

Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to France Riyadh Yaseen stressed that the US Department of State's decision about the designation Houthi militia "terrorist organization" is very important and impe... »

Southern forces thwart Houthi attack in al-Dhale

Fierce clashes broke out between the southern forces and the Iranian-backed Houthi militia along the line of contact of the northwestern fronts of Qataba district of al-Dhale governorate.... »

STC welcomes US designation of Houthis as terrorist group

The Southern Transitional Council (STC) has welcomed on Monday the US decision to designate the Iranian-backed Houthi putschist militia as a foreign terrorist organization.... »

Shatara: 'After US blacklisting of Houthis, options are clear to confront them'

Militarily the Houthis had been defeated in Aden and their heinous attack on Aden airport was the coup de grace delivered by the rogue group for any political hopes the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Mar... »

Shatara, security chief of Aden discuss security situation

Member of the STC Presidency, Vice-President of the National Assembly for Control and Inspection, Lufti Shatara met in Aden on Monday, with the newly appointed security director of Aden, Major General... »

Coalition Praises Victories Made by Southern Brigades in al-Dhale

The commander of Arab Coalition Forces in the southern city of Aden, Brig. Gen. Nayef Al-Otaibi and the head of Saudi Coordination and Liaison Team, Major General Muhammad Al-Rabaei held a meeting in ... »

COVID-19 patient dies in Hadramout

The supreme national emergency committee for coronavirus said that no new cases of Covid-19 nor recoveries have been recorded on Sunday.... »

Cabinet holds its second meeting, discusses urgent priorities

The Ministers Council held its second meeting in Aden on Sunday, presided over by Prime Minister Ma'een Abdulmalik discussing the plans of the government's program in the light of urgent priorities in... »

Two patients recovered from COVID-19 in al-Baidha

No new confirmed cases of coronavirus nor deaths were recorded on Saturday, in the liberated areas of Yemen, said the supreme national emergency committee for coronavirus.... »

Hashish smuggling bid to Aden foiled

Security Belt Forces thwarted on Friday, an attempt to smuggle a shipment of hashish into the capital Aden. ... »

Shatara calls on Coalition to reinforce southern military capabilities

It is time for the Arab Coalition to change its dealings with the Southern Transitional Council (STC), its strong and sincere partner on the ground, said the member of the STC Presidency, Vice-Preside... »