Shatara outlines groundwork for development in the South

In response to a bid to create regional quotas in the southern governorates, Member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Lutfi Shatara reviewed a number of foundations for the devel... »

STC General Secretariat Reviews Evaluation Reports

The General Secretariat of the Southern Transitional Council held in Aden on Monday, its weekly meeting under the chairmanship of the assistant secretary general, Fadl al-Jaadi.... »

Three family members killed by landmine blast in Abyan

A number of people from the same family were killed and injured on Sunday night, by a landmine explosion in the governorate of Abyan. ... »

STC Presidency warns against provocative acts in the South

The STC Presidency warned against provocative acts by military groups of Yemen's legitimacy in Abyan and Shabwa in a bid to foil the Riyadh agreement, highly appreciating the Arab Coalition efforts to... »

Second southern prisoner dies in Islah-run prison

The southern arrested person started a hunger strike in the Islah-run prisons in the capital of Shabwa province, Ataq.... »

Terrorist killed, two IEDs cleared in Ghail Ba-Wazir

The Security forces managed to dismantle two improvised explosive devices (IED's) in Ghail Ba-Wazir district of Hadramout governorate on Saturday.... »

Shatara:Competence is a Fundamental Issue in our Future Government

Member of the presidency of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) stressed that the standard of competence is a fundamental issue to fulfil senior positions in any government.... »

Women's march demands departure of Socotra governor

A women's march was held on Saturday, in front of the building of the local authority in the capital Hadibu, demanding the departure of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked governor, Ramzi Mahrous and the ot... »

STC delegation leaves Riyadh, heads to Abu Dhabi

The delegation of the Southern Transitional Council, led by the president Maj. Gen. Aidroos Al-Zubaidi left the Saudi capital Riyadh, after a few hours of their meeting with the Yemeni president Abd-R... »

Hadi meets Al-Zubaidi and his deputy in Riyadh

Yemen's president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi met in Riyadh on Thursday, with the president of the Southern Transitional Council, Aidroos Al-Zubaidi and his deputy, sheikh Hani Ben Brik along with the memb... »

Bin Farid: Riyadh agreement led to UNSC recognition of STC

Head of the Southern Transitional Council Office for Foreign Relations in Europe, Ahmed Omer Bin Farid confirmed that welcoming the Riyadh agreement by the UN Security Council is a recognition of the ... »

Aid group says hospital hit during Houthi attack in Yemen

An international medical relief agency says a hospital it runs in Yemen was damaged by a missile and drone attack. Yemeni military officials blame the attack, which targeted nearby buildings, on the H... »

Al-Jaadi: Our hands are still outstretched to everyone

Member of the presidency of the Southern Transitional Council and assistant secretary general, Fadl al-Jaadi confirmed that the South is an inclusive country.... »

Saudi Forces in Aden to Secure the Legitimacy

Saudi soldiers were witnessed for the first time in the streets of Aden since the UAE forces left the capital.... »

Southerners celebrate Riyadh agreement in several cities of the South (Photos)

Thousands of people took to the streets of several main southern cities on Tuesday night to celebrate the signing of Riyadh agreement between Yemen's government and the Southern Transitional Council ... »