The STC reveals the stages towards achieving a civil state

The Secretary-General of the Southern Transitional Council Ahmed Hamid Lamlas confirmed, that the Council is on track to reach out to all southern constituents and personalities to take part in a Sou... »

Shatara compares Turkish crimes to Khashoggi's story

Member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Lutfi Shatara compare between the crimes committed by the Turkish regime and the frantic campaign launched by Turkey against the Kingdom ... »

Basoheib, WFP discuss urgent aids for Al-Maharah, Hudramout

Deputy Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Dr Nizar Basoheib discussed Monday in Aden with World Food Program (WFP) medical and relief aids to be provided urgently to the peoples who af... »

Al-Amaliqa forces deny being targeted by Coalition airstrike

The brigades of al-Amaliqa denied that they were mistakenly targeted by friendly fire from the Coalition air strike.... »

Public Institutions to Reopen in al-Mahra

Rageh Bakreet, governor of al-Mahra governorate, announced that public services will resume in the province on Monday they recovered enough from damage caused by the Luban category 1 cyclone.... »

STC prepares for inter-southern dialogue and renews solidarity with Saudi Arabia

Under the chairmanship of the president of the Southern Transitional Council, Aidroos Al-Zubaidi, the STC Presidency held its weekly meeting in Aden today.... »

Bin Brik and Shatara Held an IMPORTANT Meeting with the Southerners in Britain

Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council, Sheikh Hani bin Brik and the member of the STC Presidency, Lutfi Shatara held on Saturday, an important meeting in the British city of Sheffield, a... »

President Al-Zubaidi and UN official Discuss Situaion in the South

The president of the Southern Transitional Council, Maj. Gen. Aidroos Al-Zubaidi met in Aden today with the director of the Office of the UN Special Envoy Mohammad Khater.... »

Hadrami Elite Forces participates in rescue operation in Hadramout

Hadrami Elite Forces (HEF) participated in the rescue and relief operations in Luban affected areas of Sahel-Hadramout.... »

KSRelief Center distributes food, shelter materials, in Hajjah

King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) distributed 75 tons and 720 kg of food baskets, in Hajjah governorate of Yemen, benefiting 6,438 people.... »

Mahra Governor inspects ongoing work in Nashtoun Port

Governor of Mahra Rjeh ba-Kerait inspected on Friday the ongoing work in Nashtoun Port and measures taken to receive oil derivatives.... »

Shatara demands the teachers in Aden to halt their strike

Member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Lutfi Shatara, called on teachers in the capital Aden to seek alternative means to escalate their demands away from school closure that e... »

Aden PortCorporation launches projects in containers port

The Chairman of the Board of the Aden Ports Corporations Mohammad Amzarba launched on Thursday a number of service and vital projects at Containers Port.... »

STC Statement of the 3rd of October is a road map to protect the South

The meeting highlighted the importance of the statement of the third of October, considering it as a road map which meant to protect the interests of the South and its people in light of constant atte... »

Shatara congratulates Al-Zamaki

STC expands its communication channels with the superpowers

Member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Lutfi Shatara confirmed that the Council expands its channels of communication with the influential countries in the world.... »