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Fri - 14 Jun 2019 - 08:24 PM ،،،

 A group of youth who call themselves 'Tafra Adaniya' meaning 'Adeni Surge’ based in Aden, carried out a clearing and cleaning campaign in the capital Aden.

The group initiated the campaign following the aftermath of the heavy rain and floods which hit the capital, Aden, a few days ago which left debris and dirt on the streets of the city.

Adeni Tafra, who work as volunteers have been initiating many small projects in and around the city of Aden including clearing the traffic roundabouts, lighting, painting the roadsides as well as maintaining the road signs in the 8 districts in Aden.

With the support and patronage of the governor of Aden Ahmed Salem Rabi and the local authority leadership and managers of the Aden directorates, the group of youth were able to lift the burden placed on the local emergency and disasters unit.

'Adeni Tafra' has encouraged youth to join them in volunteering to serve the city and to express love for Aden and its people.

Their initiative is to contribute and help mitigate the damage that greatly affected the infrastructure in Aden Governorate.

Aden’s security director Shalal Shea called on the public to collaborate and facilitate the youth and to encourage young volunteers to participate in the clear up.