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Fri - 14 Jun 2019 - 07:08 PM ،،،

The Foreign Affairs Office at the Southern Transitional Council in the Federal Republic of Russia honoured Russian mission experts and high-rank officials who worked in the South.

The Russian Mission headed by the Russian academic and researcher and director of the World Hermitage Museum, Mikhail Petrovsky, was honoured at a ceremonial event organized by the Council's Foreign Affairs office in St. Petersburg.

At the ceremony, director of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the STC in Russia, Dr Ali Zamaki, praised the efforts and the role the mission played in the south under the chairmanship of the Director of Mikhail Butruvsky.
In his speech, Alzamki reviewed the overall aspects of the activities of the internal and external leadership of the Southern Transitional Council and the role it played to clarify and publicise the cause and the demands of the Southern people.

Al-Zamaki stressed that the STC’s strategic goal is to restore the South with Aden its capital.

He called on the countries and peoples of the world to respect the southern people’s right to reclaim their state on the basis of the United Nations Charter.

On his part, Mikhail Petrovsky, thanked the leader of the STC, Aidros Al Zubaidi for honouring the Russian mission.

Perovsky stressed the need to further strengthen and develop cooperation between the STC’s leadership and the mission at various levels and in various fields.

He promised that he will visit Hadramawt in the near future.