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Wed - 12 Jun 2019 - 11:54 PM ،،،

 Medical sources confirmed on Wednesday, the death of 9 people by cholera epidemic last month in the province of Abyan, while the number of registered cases is 650, and was distributed, according to local media, in Zingibar, Khanfar and Loodar districts.

The sources added that among the cases infected, a number of African migrants.

The World Health Organization announced last week that Yemen has seen more than 724,000 cases of cholera and 1135 deaths this year, but the number of cases has stabilized in recent weeks.

Yemen has for months seen a new cholera wave for the third time after the 2016 and 2017 outbreaks, the third major outbreak of cholera caused by a "waterborne" bacterial infection.

The United Nations confirmed that the disease spreads like wildfire, and recorded 200 cases of death within three months.

In early June, the World Health Organization expressed its gratitude to the UAE and Saudi Arabia for their $ 20 million grant to support ongoing efforts to stop the spread of cholera in Yemen.

"This support will stop the transmission of cholera in the most affected communities and build capacity to detect and respond to the future outbreak," said Altef Musani, a representative of Yemen's global health organization.

On April 9, the UAE and Saudi Arabia announced a package of humanitarian aid to Yemen worth $ 200 million to provide food to the Yemeni people.