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Mon - 10 Jun 2019 - 05:44 AM ،،،

  Al-Amalika brigades supported by the southern resistance liberated on Sunday, al-Saleeb, the first village of Baher area in Mawya district of Taiz, west of Torsa of al-Dhale governorate and managed to bring it under their full control.

The southern forces also advanced toward several nearby villages in Mawya district seizing control of some military locations and barracks used by the pro-Iran Houthi militia to target the villagers there.

Military field sources said that Al-Amalika brigades along with the southern resistance and tribal men cleansed al-Saleeb village of the Houthi rebels after fierce battles that resulted in killing and injuring a number of Houthis as the remaining elements fled toward the centre of Mawya.