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Sat - 08 Jun 2019 - 02:31 AM ،،،

 The governor of the Central Bank of Yemen (CBY) Hafedh Mayad has threatened to resign from his post in case of not collecting the revenues from the bank branches (run by Islah Party "Muslim Brotherhood") in the governorates of Marib and al-Mahra and not sending them to the central bank in Aden.

In a press release, Hafedh Mayad said that "the acceptance of the mission assigned to us was to save the Yemeni economy and prevent the collapse of the national currency amid potentially catastrophic situation, at that time, we stressed the importance of having a clear and transparent process", adding "we did our part of the deal without being away from its content." affirming that he can't remain in office without getting the revenues from the branches sent to the main bank in Aden.

" It must be evident to you that there's a frenzied campaign for months launched by the pro-Iran Houthi militia against the CBY governor and the actions taken to save the economy, but the regrettable story is the involvement of officials and parties within the legitimacy in that campaign for being troubled by the move to connect the CBY branches in Marib and al-Mahra with the CBY headquarters in Aden." Hafedh Mayad added.