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Wed - 05 Jun 2019 - 10:57 PM ،،،

 The government authorities in Taiz prevented the Adeni film ‘10 Days Before The Wedding’ from being screened. Several other youth events during Eid celebrations in Taiz were banned.

The decision was in response to demands from the extremist Brotherhood movement in Taiz City in central Yemen.

The authorities' excuse for not going ahead with the event was that it claimed that it was unable to ensure the safety of the citizens from the Houthi missiles.

 The location of the film and the events were planned to be in the centre Taiz city away from the Houthi fire zones.

 The commander of Taiz, Maj. Gen. Samir al-Hajj sent orders to the deputy governor of Taiz, Abdulqawi Mikhlafi, and directed the Culture Bureau to cancel the events, although there was no danger to the civilians at the designated location.

The ban came after a wide campaign of incitements and threats by Muslim Brotherhood extremists led by extremist Mosque Imam ‘Khatib Abdullah al-'Adini’.
The ticket offices also said that they received threats if they attempted to sell tickets for the show.

Abdullah Ahmed al-'Adini described the film ’10 Days Before The Wedding' as a crime. He said the film was evil and that it targeted values and morals. He called on the local authority and its supporters to prevent the film from being screened.
Social media activists described this act as being ‘Stupid and un-Justifying.

It is worth mentioning that the film was screened in many cities including the UAE, India and USA.