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 Commander of the 1st Brigade Support Battalion of the Security Belt forces, Brigadier General Mahmoud Ahmad al-Mashali (a.k.a. Abu Al-Yamamah) said that the brigades were founded amid a wave of violent crimes and activities triggered by IS and al-Qaeda in addition to arms and drug traffickers supported by the Muslim Brotherhood.

In an interview with Alghad Almushreq TV, Abu Al-Yamamah affirmed that the Security Belt forces managed to inflict extremely painful blows to extremism and organized crime, hindering the ability of terrorists and criminals to act and to manoeuvre in the South.

Regarding the battles on al-Dhale fronts, Abu Al-Yamamah made it clear that the Security Belt forces are ready and well-prepared to go anywhere the pro-Iran Houthi putschist militia or the terrorists groups try to occupy, adding that all the military operations are conducted in coordination with the Arab Coalition joint command headquarters.

Abu Al-Yamamah also touched on the Security Belt's relationship with Yemen's Legitimacy, affirming that there is no dispute about the legitimacy of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, but we strongly disagree with the Muslim Brotherhood existence within the legitimacy, headed by by Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, al-Zindani and their affiliates.

He also told Alghad Almushreq TV that the Security Belt sought support from the Yemeni legitimate ministry of defense, but it does not exist on the ground, we do not have time to look for it in hotels, adding that the commanders and members of the brigades are on battlefields, engaged in fierce battles with the Iran-backed Houthi coupist militia.

Abu al-Yamamah commented on calls launched by Muslim Brotherhood-linked activists, generally supportive of Yemen's Legitimacy, for the inclusion of the Security Belt forces within the ministry of defense and make them under its command, saying "it's a call for joining (70%) sleepers in their homes according to the defense minister, we will not accept to be part of the laggards."

Abu al-Yamamah expressed profound thanks and sincere gratitude to the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates for saving Yemen from Iran's expansion project, affirming that the Security Belt forces will do what it takes to  bring the Operation Decisive Storm to a successful conclusion.