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Thu - 23 May 2019 - 03:06 AM ،،،


 The UN has brought in the world’s largest relief operation in Yemen, reaching 10 million people a month, in part due to aid from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the world body's aid chief said on Wednesday.

Yemen’s war has devastated its economy and created the world's biggest humanitarian crisis, with nearly 24 million people in need of urgent assistance.

UAE and Saudi assistance has prevented the situation from deteriorating, Mark Lowcock said in Riyadh on Wednesday.

“My most important message is to say thank you very much [to the UAE and Saudi Arabia] because without them the country would be much worse,” Mr Lowcock said.

The two countries' donations to the UN have amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars and were instrumental in scaling up the aid operation, he said.

"This is the best practice in humanitarian support and donorship," Mr Lowcock said.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia are working with humanitarian organisations to ensure that aid is distributed in Houthi and government-controlled areas.

In January and February, 130 agencies worked together to provide 9.8 million people with food, water, health care and other assistance.