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Wed - 22 May 2019 - 05:57 AM ،،،

 A man, his wife and two children were injured, including serious injuries in a violent bombardment by the Iran-backed militias on residential neighborhoods of Hays district, south of Hodeidah, Al-Amalika Media Centre reported on Wednesday.

Locals said that the pro-Iran rebels rained down the houses of Hays with heavy mortar shells, one of them hit the house of Ibrahim Anini who was badly injured along with his wife and his two children, the shelling caused severe damage to the family home.

The people in the area rushed to the house and took the whole family to field hospital in Hays for treatment.

The pro-Iran Houthi militia continue to commit crimes against humanity by targeting residential neighborhoods of innocent civilians in flagrant defiance of international norms and laws that criminalize the targeting of civilians and civil establishments during times of war and in a way that confirms the brutality and bloodiness of the putschist project in Yemen.