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Mon - 13 May 2019 - 06:00 AM ،،،


 High Relief Committee (HRC) appealed to the UN's Secretary General, Under-Secretary of UN for Humanitarian Affairs, Coordinator of Emergency Relief Mark Lowcock and UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen Lise Grande to immediately intervene to help ending the Houthi militia's detention of cancer medicines in governorate of Ibb.

The HRC also called on the UN and International Community (IC) to act to stop the militia's attacks on the international relief and humanitarian organizations in Yemen. The most recent of such attack targeted the team of Care Organization who came under fire by the militiamen in Ibb governorate. The militia men reported to have opened fire against the relief worker and looted 279 of food baskets.

A statement issued by the HRC stated that the militiamen's detention of cancer drugs risking the lives of 3000 patients in the governorate of Ibb.

The statement added that 50% of cancer drugs have already run out in the only single Tumors Center specialized in cancer treatment.