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Thu - 02 May 2019 - 07:16 PM ،،،

 South Arabia has obtained full membership of the Unrepresented Nations and People Organization (UNPO). Its members are indigenous peoples, minorities, unrecognised States and occupied territories that have joined together to defend their political, social and cultural rights, to preserve their environments and to promote their right to self-determination.

Member of the Southern Transitional Council and head of the STC Foreign Relations Department in Europe, Ahmed Omar bin Farid tweeted that the STC office in Berlin exerted great effort for nearly a year to obtain the UNPO membership, adding that the UNPO works to ensure that the voices of its members are heard by the Security Council  and all the international institutions and organizations.

UNPO’s membership represents more than 40 Members worldwide. Although the work of UNPO adapts continually to meet the challenges of its Members and the nature of the international political climate, each Member remains committed to respecting the five principles enshrined in the UNPO Covenant: nonviolence, human rights, democracy and self-determination, environmental protection, and tolerance.