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Wed - 01 May 2019 - 07:24 PM ،،،

 Vice president of the Southern Transitional Council, Sheikh Hani Ben Brik said that designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group will help to internationally tighten the noose on terrorism.

Sheikh Hani wrote on his official Twitter account that "if the US administration really classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, it will be the first effective step to eradicate terrorism from its roots and sources and not the branches."

Sheikh Hani added that "Al Qaeda (AQAP) and Daesh (ISIS ) are the branches, whatever you do to them cut off, the origin represented by the Muslim Brotherhood will reproduce terrorist leaders such as Osama bin Laden, Zawahiri or Baghdadi."

He confirmed that the terrorist sects, Muslim Brotherhood and its branches; Al Qaeda, Daesh, Houthi and the Lebanese Satan Party are all agree upon the enmity of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt as Iran, Qatar and Turkey are away from their harm.

Sheikh Hani concluded his tweet by saying " As a consequence, we can find out who are the targets of terrorism and who are behind it."

Sheikh Hani also wrote: