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Mon - 29 Apr 2019 - 10:19 PM ،،،

 The representative of the UAE Red Crescent, Sultan Al Shamsi, and the governor of Aden Ahmed Salem Rabie this morning inaugurated the sewage project, which was presented with the support of the United Arab Emirates at a cost of  3 million Saudi Riyal.

More than 700,000 residents will benefit from the project in three densely populated districts in Aden, Mansoura, Sheikh Othman and  Dar Saad. The project is designed with modern and high-quality equipment and will reduce the overflowing of drainage which the city experiences at times.

The project consists of supplying and installing 12  sewage pumping stations with the control panels in  Aldrin, Omar Al Mokhtar, Mamadara and Dar Saad.
The project also includes supplying and installing 2500 unblocking equipment, 15  sewage wells engines, submersing water cables and multipurpose electric parts.

It is worth mentioning that the executing company will include a training program for the staff of the Water and sewage corporation who operate the pumping stations.