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Mon - 29 Apr 2019 - 09:25 PM ،،،

 The water supply crisis in the capital Aden has recently worsened, causing a war called "Water Warfare".  The warfare between residents and neighbours has wiped out the friendly relationship between the neighborhoods, especially as the holy month of Ramadan approaches.

The water supply does not reach all residential areas in Aden and there are areas that suffer from water scarcity, especially in some directories like Mualla and Tawahi; water reaches only two days a week and it has been ongoing for years.

The problem of getting water for the daily needs threatens the city of Aden especially with the population growth and the city's urbanization. A reason which causes a water war between residents and neighbors.

This panic provokes the fury of many people, who express their dissatisfaction with the situation today.

Daily arguments and quarrels in neighborhoods continuously breakout which threatens the demographics of the city and the social compassion amongst the people. A behaviour which is contrary to the characteristics of the residents in Aden.

In some districts in Aden, the situation has escalated to the use of weapons among neighbours because of the  "water warfare" particularly in residential units, high on the mountains and the remote areas.

People have not seen any serious move from the authorities to curb this phenomenon that threatens the public tranquillity.

 Fear and panic of not getting enough water among the residents led them to create various methods to get water. People purchase more than one water tank, which is usually placed on the roof of the house or in its vicinity.

 Other tanks are placed in distant and low places of the house where the supply service of water is better. Another option is using water suction pumps and installing them near the water reservoirs.

These scenes are all the more fierce as the holy month of Ramadan approaches. This time of the year the people in Aden are usually accustomed to receiving this holy month by welcoming and preparing for it and purchasing its important needs and necessities.

Aden has recently witnessed a new ritual to receive Ramadan the most important is to buy water tanks and pumps or to buy water from private outlets, which are a new phenomenon.

A massive, unprecedented and uncoordinated influx of population, which Aden witnessed over the past few years, has threatened its security, stability, social peace, population structure. That influx exacerbated the social and services crises in this city.

People are wondering how long will they wait until they see a long lasting solution to such crises before it is too late.