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Sat - 27 Apr 2019 - 09:55 PM ،،،

 The military engineering teams destroyed on Saturday morning thousands of mines planted earlier by Houthi coup militia in different areas of Hiran and Abs districts in Hajjah province, the Yemeni Ministry of Defense's official website 'September Net' reported.

More than 7 thousands Houthi-laid mines with different forms and sizes have been destroyed by demining teams of the 5th military zone during the past few weeks.

The total number of mines and explosive devices that already removed and destroyed reached 32 thousands with different forms and sizes.

The military demining teams backed by Arab coalition forces continue its work of clearing the areas of Hajjah province from mines and explosive devices to ensure safe return for displaced persons.

In a flagrant violations of international law, the Houthi militia continues planting mines and explosive devices in public roads, farms and houses. Tens of civilians including women and children have been killed and injured by mines’ explosions.