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 Governor of Hadramout said that Houthi militia helped Al-Qaeda to control the province after its coup against the legitimate government in 2014.

Maj. Gen. Faraj Al-Buhseni, who is also the commander of the 2nd Military Region, said the remarks in an exclusive press interview with the National Army’s “26 September” weekly newspaper.

“Iran-backed Houthi militia ordered its loyal military leaders in the province to hand over all brigades, camps and weapons of the 2nd Region and state institutions to Al-Qaeda Organization,” the governor said.

Al-Buhseni stated that Al-Qaeda terrorist elements looted all weapons in the 2nd Region and smuggled a lot of it to the Houthi militia. “The national army recovered more than 800 tons of those looted weapons after retaking the province from Al-Qaeda.”

“Al-Qaeda terrorists exploited the money it looted, bought weapons, established camps and formed trained forces. They also carried out mass killings against civilians, blew up and looted state institutions, burned police stations, destroyed courts, detonated prisons, damaged the port, planted landmines and explosive devices in roads, houses, civil areas, and vital facilities…” Al-Buhseni continued.

He mentioned that Hadrami military commanders proposed to the leadership of the legitimacy to establish a military force to liberate the Mukala city, and decision to established camps was issued. “President Abdo Rabu Mansour Hadi, the Commander-in-chief, personally supervise the liberation battle from the beginning until the end and provided all needed support.”

The governor said after defeating Al-Qaeda, the army immediately remained securing the liberated cities for two years until the security services reconstructed. “We also set a plan to provide basic services to people and restore life to normal again, and today we’ve reached high sate of security and stability in Hadramout, which has become a safe heaven to all Yemeni people.

“The 2nd Military Region adopted after the liberation two methods: preparing a professionally trained armed forces to protect homeland and people, and reconstructing infrastructure of the Region facilities, which were destroyed by Al-Qaeda.”

“We’ve implemented strategic services projects in the past three years. These projects, which had not been achieved during last twenty years, include $100 million gas-fueled electricity with 70 MW power, roads projects, schools and hospitals and health center and more projects to be executed in the upcoming period.”

The Governor of Hadramout highly appreciated the role of the Saudi-UAE-led Arab Coalition in supporting the province in various aspects of relief and development.

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