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Fri - 12 Apr 2019 - 05:35 PM ،،،

 Pro-Yemeni government forces abducted on Friday, the head of the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Seiyun, Hadramout.

The spokesman for the Southern Transitional Council a member of the STC presidency, Salem Thabet al-Awlaki said in a statement that in a dangerous escalation that brings back to mind the repression campaigns of the occupation, the pro-government troops under the command of general Abu Awja kidnapped the head of the local STC leadership in Seiyun, Tahir Ba-Abad and one of his relatives, their fate remains so far unknown.

The statement considered the incident that can only perpetrated by criminal gangs of occupation, as a declaration of war against the leaders and activists of the Council and against all the Southerners.

The Transitional Council called on all the free people in the South to stand by their brothers in the occupied Wadi Hadramout and to get ready for liberating it from the grip of the northern occupiers, adding we hold those forces and their generals who have knowingly and deliberately committed that crime fully responsible for the consequences of their recklessness and provocation.

The statement also called on the Arab Coalition to intervene to halt those aggressive forces and those who support them, pointing out that the Southerners have the options to stop those who assault the free people of the South.

Al-Awlaki reiterated the pledge made by the Council to unhesitatingly stand up to all the political manipulations and manoeuvres of the occupiers of the South and strongly warned against the consequences of encroachments on the Southerners' will and their national project.
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