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 Deliberate failure.. with this phrase, the President of the Southern Transitional Council, Maj. Gen. Aidroos Al-Zubaidi described the performance of Ben Dagher's government in the southern provinces in general and in the capital Aden in particular.

Al-Zubaidi said in an interview with "Erem News": Specifically, this is a hostile government, there will be no solutions at all until its dismissal, this government works to humiliate people and deprive them of their most basic rights and it will leave in time.

During the interview, al-Zubaidi revealed the details of the bloody January events between the presidential guard forces on the one hand and the southern resistance forces on the other in Aden.

The interview touched on various political issues, especially the role of the Southern Transition Council.

● One year has passed since the establishment of the Southern Transitional Council.. What have you achieved so far.. How do you evaluate your performance?

The Southern Transitional Council was established at a not-so-easy stage, it was born in a real war for regaining the right of the southerners to decide their destiny and make their future, to preserve their achievements, their struggle and their sacrifices over the past decades.

The southern cause reaps the fruits of the Council's movements, perhaps the most basic achievement of the Council is that many of the actors in Yemen have become convinced that there is no solution in Yemen without respecting the political will of the southerners.

The Transitional Council has undergone a broad institutional phase under a war waged by forces claiming to support legitimacy and other hostile forces. Thanks to Allah the Council managed to accomplish the construction of most of its bodies, starting from the Presidency of the Council and passing through the Secretariat and the departments that represent the executive arm of the Council, and  reaching to the legislative authority of the Southern National Assembly, that fairly represented the southern spectrum, in addition to important bodies such as the Decision Support Center and others.

There is no doubt that the evaluation index in the previous phase was very positive. The past period can not be free of mistakes, but it remains unintentional, and can be corrected.

The masses of our great southern people are the true support and the sword that has long frightened the hostile parties that they don't want the southerners to restore any of their political rights. We in the Transitional Council are committed to achieving the aspirations of our people and we will remain loyal to them. There is no doubt that we will not give up our dreams of restoring our southern homeland and our right to self-determination, as for the future, the days are filled with surprises and we have a lot of cards.

● The relationship between legitimacy and the UAE has finally improved significantly. What is your comment on this?

Not surprisingly, The United Arab Emirates did not moved away from legitimacy as the legitimacy did, the coalition policies implemented by the UAE did not suit the tendency of the Muslim Brotherhood's wing in legitimacy, the opportunists and other extremists.

UAE came to restore legitimacy, but the definition of legitimacy varies with the Muslim Brotherhood and many parties within the legitimacy itself. These parties believe that legitimacy means that the UAE supports the southerners to liberate the land and then hand it over to Islah and others, this can never happened.

● Some believe that any rapprochement between legitimacy and the UAE is a weakening of the Transitional Council. How do you respond?

This is not true, our existence and strength is not determined by this relationship or rapprochement, we have been on the side of the coalition since the first day and this is our clearl position from the start. We did our duty and we were the real ally on the ground, we defeated the invader and the aggressor when others failed.

Today we are on the ground, we are the people of the right and our hands are the highest, and we have the full potential to defend ourselves, our people and our cause.

There is a media space in which the hostile parties move, but this space does not change the reality of our presence on the ground as force.

● How do you evaluate the performance of Ben Dagher's government in the southern provinces in general and in the capital Aden in particular?

Deliberate failure, specifically, this is a hostile government, there will be no solutions at all until its dismissal, this government works to humiliate people and deprive them of their most basic rights, any way, it will leave in time.

● Would you explain to us and to the public opinion, the events that took place in Aden last January between you and Ben Dagher's government?

Simply, Southerners and Adenians in particular were fed up with the actions of the government of corruption headed by Ben Dagher that meant to torture the people by all means; hunger, fatigue and deprivation. This peaceful people have only their sons in the southern resistance forces who defended them from the brutality of the occupation and from the brutality of the corruption led by Ben Dagher. People went out at the Martyrs Square (Khor Maksar) under the protection of the resistance, demonstrating peacefully, raising their just demands for a decent life that begins with the removal of the government of corruption and its head, but they were surprised by bullets and military offensive led by the so-called presidential protection brigades, and other extremists. The southern resistance had no choice but to face this arrogance and barbarity, they defended the lives and the dignity of their people. The arrogant must have realized their true size and that they are nothing without the Coalition.

● You have already announced in a statement that if the government did not perform its duties and provide basic services to the citizens, you will topple it,, What will happen?

The people still demand the departure of Ben-Daghr's government, the people in Aden and the South are patient but they act when they are exhausted, I believe that we have come to the end of our patience.

● Do you consider the Transitional Council the only legitimate representative of the southern cause?

The Southern Transition Council has a clear political project and it is a political and social reference of the South and its just cause, it is a legitimate representative and can lead the way and walk at a steady pace, but this fact does not deny the existence of other few southern supporters of other projects.

● How did you find the reaction of the international community regarding the establishment of the Council?.. Are there any countries that recognized you as the legitimate representative of the southern cause?

The international community frequently talks about the fairness of the southern cause, its presence and the need to solve it in a way that satisfy the Southerners. The Southerners fought and sacrificed so that they can impose their decision and their will. We have taken a rational political approach, despite the high level demands of the people. Therefore, the Southern Transitional Council has gained international understanding and we are in touch with most of the countries, we have offices operating abroad in many countries and we will certainly intensify our diplomatic efforts with them.

● The media and the street talk about your subordination to a neighboring country (UAE) .. What is your comment?

The Southern Transitional Council stands at the same distance from all the neighboring countries. There is no doubt that we have been very much involved with our brothers in the Arab Coalition countries, our blood were mixed and they are the best supporter and best ally. However, this does not confirm the subordination of the Council to anyone, we are from the South and South is an independent state, bi'idhnillah.