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Fri - 12 Aug 2022 - 12:43 AM ،،،


 Minister of Defense General Lieutenant Mohsen al-Da'iri, Minister of Interior General Lieutenant Ibrahim Hidan and governor of Shabwa Awadh bin al-Wazir have stressed integrating efforts and unifying fronts of all for protecting security and stability of the province.

The meeting, which was held in Ataq on Thursday and included deputy governors of Shabwa and security and military commanders, discussed security situation in Shabwa and means of tackling repercussions of recent incidents in Ataq, the capital of the province.

Ministers of defense and interior praised steps taken by Shabwa's leadership to tackle repercussions of those incidents, confirming significance of unifying fronts of people of Shabwa to avoid such incidents and to stop anyone trying to create chaos and seduction inside the province.

The two ministers stressed quick implementation of solutions to aftermaths of those incidents and enhancing cooperation and coordination between all people of Shabwa for serving the interest of their province away of any other interests.

For his part, Governor of Shabwa praised efforts of the two ministers and their keenness on following up and tackling aftermaths of recent incidents in the province.