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Fri - 13 May 2022 - 12:16 AM ،،،

 A special ceremony took place in the capital Aden on Thursday to mark the fifth anniversary of Aden's Historic Announcement (May 4th) and the foundation of the Southern Transitional Council (May 11th).

The ceremony was attended by high-ranking officials of the Southern Transitional Council (STC). It started with recitation of verses from the Quran to the soul of the southern martyrs followed by the southern national anthem.

The President of the Southern National Assembly, Ahmed Said Ben Brik delivered a speech in which he conveyed the greetings of the STC's President, Aidroos Qassem al-Zubaidi to all the people, reviewing the achievements made by the Council during the past years.

The attendees highly appreciated the varied program that included artistic and cultural performances, in addition to a projection of documentary film on the STC, since it creation on the 11th of May 2017 to the present day.