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Wed - 09 Feb 2022 - 06:07 PM ،،،

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 A Houthi leader committed a brutal massacre killing eight members of his family in Ma’bar city, north of Dhamar Province, Yemen, local media reported.

Yemeni sources said that Houthi leader Jamal Abdul Malik Hashem Al Kibsi, one of the supervisors appointed by the Houthi militias, on Sunday committed a heinous massacre, killing his mother, wife and four children, brother, and stepmother in cold blood.

The incident took place in the Houthi-occupied Dhamar Province in central Yemen. Activists and researchers attribute the causes of such heinous crimes to the abuse of drugs and stimulants provided by the Houthi terrorist militias to its members on the battle fronts.

The fate of Al Kibsi is not yet been known, and no clarification has yet to be issued by security authorities in the Houthi-controlled governorate.