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Fri - 22 Oct 2021 - 03:46 PM ،،،

 The Commander of 19th Infantry Brigade of the pro-Hadi forces in Shabwa, Brigadier General Ali Saleh Al-Kulaibi revealed a joint Houthi-Muslim Brotherhood plot targeting the South, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, and the security of the region.

In a video message, Brig. Gen. al-Kulaibi said that the military arm of Muslim Brotherhood organization within Yemen's legitimacy (Islah Party) had played a key role in handing over Bihan's districts in the north of Shabwa governorate to the Iranian-backed Houthi militia.

"The pro-Iran militants took over the region of Bihan without a fight after making a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood." Brig. Gen. al-Kulaibi affirmed.

He made it clear that the joint Houthi-Muslim Brotherhood plan aims at wearing down the Arab Coalition Forces and handing over all the southern governorates to the Houthis.

Al-Kulaibi called on the Arab Coalition to urgently take all the necessary actions in order to thwart their destructive plans.

Two weeks before the Houthis' arrival in Bihan, Brig. Gen. al-Kulaibi was removed from his post as commander of 19th Infantry Brigade for rejecting the orders of retreating from his location on the military front.

Earlier and before the fall of Bihan, the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) warned of a plot machinated against the oil-rich province of Shabwa and its people by the Houthis in complicity with the Muslim Brotherhood.

For his part, in 2019, the Member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Lutfi Shatara sent an important warning to the Arab Coalition countries of a plot against them by Iran-backed militia and malicious parties within the legitimate government.

"The attacks on the South in Hadramout, Shabwa, Lahj and Aden share obviously the same scheme."

In his message, Shatara said that "Malicious parties within the legitimate government are allied with the putschist rebels and they are working to overthrow the Arab Coalition in the South."