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Thu - 16 Sep 2021 - 01:39 AM ،،،

 President of the Southern Transitional Council and Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces, Maj.-Gen. Aidroos Qassem al-Zubaidi declared in a speech on Wednesday, a state of emergency in Aden and all the southern regions.

Al-Zubaidi also urged the Southern Armed Forces to raise their alert to maximum level to defend land, honor, religion and identity.

Al-Zubaidi appealed for general mobilization of human, financial and logistic resources to counter the Houthi invading militias who are getting closer to the southern borders.

He also warned against the agents provocateurs who currently use peaceful protests to undermine security and stability in the capital and all the South.

Earlier the same day, al-Zubaidi chaired a meeting with high-ranking military and security commanders to discuss the military and security situation in Aden and the South.