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Tue - 14 Sep 2021 - 01:17 AM ،،،

 17 people were injured on Monday, by Houthi-laid land mine explosion in Qutaba area of al-Khokha district in the south of Hodeidah.

Local sources said that the blast occurred when a truck transporting 17 people, mostly women and children, drove over a landmine planted by the pro-Iran Houthi militants on a side road in Qutaba.

All the injured victims were taken immediately to al-Khokha's field hospital for receiving medical treatment.

According to medics, the injuries varied from moderate to severe, with some cases resulted in amputation.

The pro-Iran Houthi rebels continue to plant landmines and improvised explosive devices, in addition to heavy shelling of residential areas causing an increase in the number of casualties among innocent civilians.