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Tue - 04 May 2021 - 12:37 AM ،،،

 The Yemeni Media Observatory (YMO) condemned Iran-backed Houthi militia's oppressive policy and repressive measures against journalists and media outlets and organizations.

The YMO issued a statement, carried by Saba news agency, on the World Press Freedom Day 3 May in which it cited the Houthi militia's violations and crimes against media since it has taken over the capital Sana'a in 2014.

The YMO reported that more than 329 media outlets were stopped, confiscated and plundered by Houthi militiamen including 15 TV channels, 23 public run newspapers, 47 private-owned papers, 21 papers affiliate to political parties, 6 civil society papers and 13 local Radio Stations out of which 6 government-funded. Adding to that the militia blocked over 200 Yemeni News Websites and the majority of Arab and International papers, TV and Radio websites.

Concerning to the violations against the journalists the YMO stated that 310 of journalists and media men were subjected to killing, torture kidnapping, enforced disappearance, detention, displacement and 12 journalists were sentenced to death.