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Sat - 17 Apr 2021 - 02:33 AM ،،،

 Four civilians were seriously injured by Houthi indiscriminate attacks on residential areas in the south of Hodeidah governorate.

A man called Saddam Hussein Muhammad Omar has been shot and badly injured by Houthi bullet that pierced his right shoulder in al-Tuhita, local sources said, adding that he was taken immediately to the nearest hospital in the district for receiving medical treatment.

A few hours earlier, two women and a child two were severely injured when a number of heavy mortar shells fired by the pro-Iran Houthi militants landed in the city of Hays at the time of iftar.

According to local sources, all the victims sustained multiple shrapnel injuries and they were sent to MSF hospital in al-Makha for receiving advanced medical treatment.

The joint forces on the West Coast reported on Friday morning that the Iran-backed Houthi terrorist militias have committed 147 violations of the U.N.-mediated truce in several regions of Hodeidah governorate within 12 hours.

The Houthi violations included the use of light, medium and heavy weapons against civilians and civilian targets in the districts of al-Tuhita, Hays and al-Duraihimi, in addition to Kilo 16 area in the east of Hodeidah city.

The joint forces also detected on Thursday, eight Houthis' spying drones flying over al-Tuhita city and al-Jabaliya area.

Many innocent civilians were killed on the West Coast, mostly women, children and elderly people, by Houthi landmines, unexploded bombs and explosive remnants or by direct Houthi shelling and shooting since the Sweden agreement came into effect in 2008.