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Tue - 06 Apr 2021 - 12:14 AM ،،،

 The terrorist Houthi militia is working to exert oppression against Africans in Yemen, forcing them to flee to neighboring countries, the Paris-based Middle East center for strategic studies reported on Monday.

In the same context, the Houthi militia deported hundreds of African immigrants on Saturday, April 3, the day after the dispersal of a peaceful sit-in in Sanaa by force of arms, which led to the killing of two migrants and arrest of many of them.

Yemeni activists circulated a video clip on social media of the arrival of dozens of Ethiopian refugees to the town of Haifan in southern Taiz on the borders of Lahij and the liberated Aden, after the Houthi militia expelled them from Sanaa by force.

Yemeni sources revealed that the Houthi militia deported the migrants from Sanaa days after an open sit-in in front of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to demand an international investigation into the horrific fire that occurred last month and resulted in the death and injury of 400 Ethiopians. .

The Houthis also launched a widespread campaign of arrests, and citizens in the city of Dhamar in central Yemen were made to pledge not to return to the areas controlled by the militia in the north of the country.

Sources confirmed the arrival of the first batch of migrants to areas under the control of the internationally recognized Yemeni government in Haifan, and they are now on their way to the temporary capital, Aden.

The sources emphasized that the Houthi militia not only expelled hundreds of African refugees, but also proceeded to loot their personal properties.

The Houthi militia’s deportation of peacefully settling refugees in Sanaa is considered by lawyers and human rights defenders as a crime comparable to the holocaust it committed in the Immigration and Passports Authority detention center.