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African migrant in a Houthi detention center, 2021. | Twitter/ @DaySWTweet

Sun - 04 Apr 2021 - 01:51 AM ،،،


 The Mwatana Organisation For Human Rights Director Radhya Almutawakel denounced that over 6,000 African migrants are inside detention centers in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, where they remain imprisoned until they can pay a bribe in exchange for their release.

On March 7, a fire at a detention center in Sanaa left 44 Ethiopians dead and 200 wounded. This event raised alarm bells about the treatment of African migrants at the hands of the Houthis.

Over the last year, the number of detainees has increased in the Sa'ada's militarized zone, which is one of the main African migration routes to Saudi Arabia, although it is the scene of violent fighting and bombings.

Migrants who survive the journey are often taken in "cattle trucks" to Sana'a, and placed in detention centers, where they remain for months or years until they can scrape together US$280. This is the current price of their freedom in a bribery business that has become very lucrative.

After payment, the migrants are abandoned in desert areas close to zones controlled by the internationally recognized Yemeni government. From there, they embark on a journey without food and water until they reach a location.