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Socotra's Dragon Blood Tree

Thu - 01 Apr 2021 - 02:19 AM ،،،

 The Qatar-backed Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood (Islah Party) and the Oman-backed Al-Haraizy cells escalated their media campaigns in the past few days against the Arab Coalition and the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Socotra Archipelago, said the electronic newspaper NewsYemen.

Through TV channels and local websites, the Qatari-Omani-backed media campaigns intensified their focus on Socotra that lies in the Indian Ocean away from the conflict, with the aim of causing instability and disorder in the archipelago.

The cells of Qatar and Oman call for the expulsion of the Arab Coalition and the STC's forces and have plans to create confusion and ultimately chaos.

The leadership and members of the Islah Party and Al-Haraizy cells are behind the anti-coalition sit-ins and protests in Socotra, similar to those held in al-Mahra governorate, the E-paper quoted local sources as saying.

In contrast, The Arab Coalition represented by the United Arab Emirates continues to provide humanitarian aid and assistance for the people of Socotra, including the rebuilding and development of schools, hospitals and roads, improving education services and reviving electricity sectors in Hadibu, the archipelago's capital and the other regions of Socotra .

The United Arab Emirates has no military presence in the archipelago which is totally under the administration of Socotra's local council.