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Wed - 31 Mar 2021 - 12:49 AM ،،،

 The humanitarian hardships and living conditions being faced by the people in Aden require great efforts and the intervention of regional and international donors to support the efforts of the central and local authorities in normalizing life and creating relative stability to gradually reach a permanent stability, the governor of Aden, Ahmed Lamlas said on Tuesday, during a virtual meeting with the British Ambassador to Yemen, Michael Aron.

The meeting focused on the dire humanitarian situation, poor conditions of services in Aden and the biggest challenges for the state authorities.

Lamlas highlighted the suffering endured by the people in Aden due to insufficient basic services, including fuel shortages and electricity outages, stressing the need for providing urget supplies to power stations, in addition to comprehensive maintenance of power plants to keep pace with the demands during the summer's extreme hot weather in Aden.

Lamas also touched on the delays in salary payments, currency instability and alarming rise in prices of food and other commodities amid the already dire humanitarian conditions.

The British Ambassador was dismayed by the hard situation in Aden and the difficulties encountered by the central and local authorities.

Aron affirmed his support for the authorities' efforts in accelerating the provision of fuel for power stations at cost, in addition to support the efforts exerted to strengthen price controls and maintain stability in the local currency.

The British diplomat said that Aden and the liberated governorates should receive priority attention and support in a way that can be felt in people's everyday life.