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 The negative stance Iran is taking towards the latest Saudi initiative for ceasefire in Yemen is raising a number of question marks.

The initiative aims to bring the crisis in Yemen to an end. It is not the first to be launched by Saudi Arabia to achieve this goal.

The new initiative seeks to institute a ceasefire in Yemen, one that will be supervised by the United Nations.

It also called for depositing the revenues of al-Hodeidah Port at the Central Bank of Yemen.

The Saudi initiative also calls for reopening Sana'a International Airport and starting political consultations under the sponsorship of the United Nations.

The legitimate Yemeni government welcomed the initiative which also allows the import of energy and foodstuff to Yemen.

Nevertheless, the initiative does not apparently serve Iranian interests in Yemen.

Iran is not interested in ending the conflict in this Arab state or preventing bloodshed in it.

Iran's ultimate goal is to strengthen its negotiating position on its nuclear activities as well as destabilize Saudi Arabia.

This is why Iran's position towards the Saudi initiative has been nothing but negative.

Saudi Arabia has already accused Iran of protracting the conflict in Yemen by backing the Houthi militia and smuggling rockets and arms into the country.

Acting Saudi Information Minister Maged bin Abdullah al-Qasabi said the Saudi initiative comes out of his country's keenness on the security and stability of Yemen.

Saudi Arabia also wants to end the humanitarian crisis of the country by offering support to the Yemeni people, al-Qasabi added, following a meeting of the Saudi cabinet on March 24.