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Al-Mukalla-Aden Road

Thu - 25 Mar 2021 - 04:15 PM ،،،

 Dozens of people set tyres on fire to block roads in Mefa Hajar of Hadramout province in protest against rapid rise in food and fuel prices, unpaid salaries and pensions and significant deterioration of basic services, including electricity. 

The protesters cut off al-Mukalla-Aden road demanding lasting and sustainable solutions to their problems, in particular the lack of power supply for more than a year.

The people in Hadramout and in all the southern governorates, including Aden suffer from the deterioration of services and continuous power cuts.

Earlier this month, hundreds of people, mostly retired military and security personnel, stormed the Al-Mashaiq Presidential Palace compound, the seat of government in the southern capital Aden to urge the government to assume its duties and to pay the delayed salaries and financial dues of civilian and military personnel.

They also expressed their anger and disappointment over the collapse of basic public services, currency decline, soaring prices.

In Seiyun of Wadi Hadramout six demonstrators were shot and severely injured as many others were arrested when the Yemeni armed forces of the first military region deliberately used live bullets in a bid to disperse them.