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 The Muslim Brotherhood is proving to be a major stumbling block on the road to peace in Yemen, the Paris-based Middle East center for strategic studies said on Monday.

The Islamist movement works tooth and nail to control southern Yemen, which is resource-rich and enjoys a unique geographical location.

They do this to compensate the losses they sustained in the war in Yemen. The Muslim Brotherhood also backs Turkish presence near the Bab el-Mandeb Strait and the southern entrance of the Red Sea.

Muslim Brotherhood militias work hard to sabotage the Riyadh Agreement by escalating their violence in southern Yemen.

Brotherhood-Qaeda alliance

Some Yemeni sources have disclosed the presence of moves by al-Qaeda in Shabwah province.

Al-Qaeda, the sources said, make these moves under protection from the Muslim Brotherhood militias.

Muslim Brotherhood checkpoints ease the movement of the members of al-Qaeda in different districts in southern Yemen.

The same sources added that the terrorists who carried out an attack in the south central town of Ahwar on 18 March came from Shabwah.

Members of al-Qaeda launched an attack on a security checkpoint of the Security Belt Forces in the northeastern part of the southern province of Abyan.

The attack left a soldier dead and three others injured.

The attack is the latest in a long series of violations by the Muslim Brotherhood, ones aimed at sabotaging the Riyadh Agreement.

Raising the alert level

The Transitional Southern Council asked the troops affiliated to it to raise their alert level to sabotage possible attacks by terrorist groups in southern Yemen.

It said in a statement that condemnation is not enough to throw light on the enormity of the violations being committed by terrorist groups in southern Yemen.