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Thu - 04 Mar 2021 - 04:06 PM ،،،

 The commander of the Security Force Assistance Brigades, Brigadier General Mohsen El-Wali and his Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Nabil Al-Mashoushi survived an assassination attempt on Thursday in Aden.

At least two soldiers were killed and six others were injured in a powerful roadside blast, following by heavy fire using automatic rifles targeting the convoy of the commanders of the security leaders in Madina al-Sha'ab of Aden governorate.

In a statement issued after the incident, the Security Force Assistance Brigades vowed harsh and painful counterterrorist response to the attack, affirming that such cowardly acts will not discourage the forces from continuing their efforts in defending the capital Aden and the South, maintaining peace and security and in tracking and capturing terrorist elements.