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Fri - 08 Jan 2021 - 12:12 AM ،،،


 The Governor of Aden Ahmed Lamlas stressed on the importance of the UN contribution to the investigations into the terrorist and criminal attack on Aden airport that resulted in killing and wounding scores of the innocent civilians.

His remark came as he met on Thursday with the UN's Special envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths in the temporary capital Aden.

Lamlas called on the UN's agencies and international organizations to increase their activities in the governorate of Aden to push the construction and development drive in the interim capital.

For his part Mr. Griffiths voiced pleasures to see Riyadh Agreement put in place and the government returned to Aden to exercises its mandates and do its jobs.

He confirmed the UN support for the investigation into the terrorist operation in Aden airport. He stated that a team from the Experts Panel is going to arrive in Aden shortly to offer technical support for the investigation process.

Mr. also stated that he will urge the UN's agencies which operate in Yemen to contribute actively to the development efforts in Aden.