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 Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed confirmed that the essence of the Riyadh Agreement focuses on ending divisions between Yemeni factions.

“The essence of the Riyadh agreement aims at ending the divisions that could be at the political level to that of the government,” Saeed told Al Arabiya during an exclusive interview set to be aired in full on Wednesday.

“But as far as the security and military forces are concerned, there is the merging of these forces within the framework of the Ministry of the Interior. There are many files on this in this aspect, but it takes time and there is work on this subject at the Military Security Committee,” the Yemeni prime minister added.

“Arrangements are subject to the Military Security Committee, in which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is making efforts. Withdrawals have taken place that paved the way for the government’s announcement, but the issue is not only related to withdrawals,” Saeed told Al Arabiya.

“There are long mechanisms regarding the security and military file in relation to integration and other things, but currently the maintenance and security forces are making some preparations and there is some arrangement being completed based on discussions in the Military Security Committee,” he added.

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