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Mon - 21 Dec 2020 - 12:54 AM ،،،


 Three released prisoners from Houthi militia's detentions have unearthed different forms of physical and psychological torture they were subjected to in the detentions since their kidnapping from their houses until their release.

In the second hearing session held by the Yemeni Prisoners and Kidnapped Organization on Sunday, Khaled Haider, Abdu al-Ziyadi and Abdu Abisah revealed that they were subjected to hanging, electric shock, hitting by sticks and hands, kicking by feet, depriving from sleeping, eating and drinking for several consecutive days and imprisoning them in narrow, dark and crowded cells.

They added that they were deprived from medication and banned visits by their relatives for long months.

One of the three showed marks of torture on his body before attending audience and media outlets, pointing out to other physical and psychological torture by the militia like insulting, terrifying and threat of killing in addition to humiliation, bringing them chained in front of their families and children during visits and giving them polluted food.

They were also deprived from clean water and banning them use toilets only onetime a day and underwent forcible disappearance and continuous interrogation just not to allow them to sleep.

The released prisoners testified that two kidnapped people were killed under severe torture and a number of their colleagues were paralyzed because of severe hitting by cables.

They unearthed names of three forcibly kidnaped people from Mahweet their relatives have no news on them since their kidnaping four years ago, they were Abdul-Aziz al-Aqili, Sagheer Ahmad Fare' and Ismael Abu al-Ghieth.