Local news

Sun - 22 Nov 2020 - 04:09 PM ،،،

 Two journalist were arrested in Shabwa province on Sunday morning, by Islah militia, Yemen's military wing of Muslim Brotherhood.

Local sources and media outlets said that the reporter of Al Ghad AL Mushreq satellite channel, Jamal Shiniter along with the cameraman, Ahmed Aliwa were abducted by Islah gunmen while covering a peaceful protest in Ataq city, demanding the release of arbitrarily detained persons by Brotherhood's militias.

Later the same day, the two men; the reporter and the cameraman of Al Ghad AL Mushreq were released after hours of unlawful detention.

Last year, Jamal Shiniter was arrested by by Islah gunmen at a checkpoint in Azzan of Shabwa province.

The Islah party continues its arrests, crackdown on the Southerners in regions under its control, in particular in Shabwa province where a number of southern officials, journalists, political activists and senior tribal figures have recently been arrested.